Comprehensive insights into Australian community management

The first ever survey of professional community management in Australia reveals a sector on the rise, under pressure and struggling to find its voice.


Highly qualified

Australian community managers have a high propensity for tertiary education, even though there is no fixed pathway to the profession at this time.


There is a wide range of salaries across the sector. Even when filling senior or leadership roles, community and social professionals appear to be lagging behind national averages in renumeration.

Long unpaid hours

Working alone or in a small team, most community professionals are expected to work more than a full-time week, even if only paid full-time hours.


Community managers often bear the brunt of aggressive and abusive behaviour online. They are generally accountable for protecting and defending organisational liabilities in digital social contexts, yet rarely find adequate support when managing, or personally confronting, bad actors.

Ongoing learning

Most continue to learn throughout their career through events, short courses, webinars and self-guided study.

Want new challenges

Most people cited "seeking a new direction or challenge" as a reason to leave their current employer.

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